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August 2022

3rd Encounters of the Close Kind

In my estimation, “Lynn” doesn’t have much time to live. Maybe a year. When I met her, a year ago, whereas she clearly had an alcohol problem, she seemed considerably more full of life, but I currently worry that she is in the end stages of alcoholism disease. Alcohol will kill you if you drink enough of it. Your internal organs, particularly your liver, will simply quit and die. She Read More

Where is the line between “abuse” and “reactive abuse”

One of the fundamental paradoxes I have been struggling with lately has been how my own mental health pertains to abuse vs “reactive abuse”. “Abuse” is pretty commonly understood to be one person committing acts of physical, mental, or emotional harm to another person. But less commonly known is “reactive abuse”. “Reactive Abuse” is where one person drives another person to their breaking point for the purpose of making the Read More