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January 2022

Saying Goodbye to the Goths and Toxic Vanity

6 weeks ago, I paid my final visit to Minneapolis’s, legendary, infamous, goth club, “Ground Zero“. I was one of the club’s most devoted regulars for many years leading up to this point, but my nights there had become increasingly negative. There were many nights that I could look around the room and find only one person that I actually liked in the entire place, and just one decent person, Read More

Scorched Earth

My book is called “How to Sacrifice Your Lover”. And I need to stress right out of the gate that this book is not an attack on people who suffer from Borderline Personality as the subtitle would suggest. On the contrary, this is a book that was borne entirely of love. It is a chronicle of love, of endless love… of endless sacrificial love. My best friend of 10 years Read More

Enlightening Psychology Today Article Helps Explain Why My Book Exists

A quote from a Psychology Today article that I found meaningful: “[A ‘split’ person] while intellectually knowing that the other is acting out in an unacceptable, and sometimes dangerous, manner begins to doubt their own sanity. This is because the person being split begins to mirror the traits and behaviors of the borderline character s/he is experiencing in reaction to, and sometimes in an effort to manage, the behavior with Read More

Is “Gone Girl” a Borderline Personality?

*** SPOILER ALERT*** This article contains spoilers. I recently watched the movie “Gone Girl”. I have yet to read the novel, but it is high on my list. Is “Gone Girl” a story about a Borderline Personality? Principally, no… Principally, “Gone Girl”, is a manifestation of anti-social personality disorder. “Amazing Amy” is a psychopathic person, but we see three versions of Nick and Amy in this story. And you could Read More

With Sensitivity to those Afflicted by Borderline Personality Disorder

Inari is the main character in my book, and as the subtitle suggests, this character suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. And since I had a personal relationship with the real-life person that Inari represented in my life, I would not be qualified to diagnose her even if I were a psychologist or psychiatrist. It should therefore be noted that Inari’s character is Read More

Final Chapter Notes

Please note that this contains spoilers. As I wrote the early revisions of this book… I merely documented events that emotionally struck me as being important. It wouldn’t be until 10 years later that I understood the reasons that certain things were said. I knew what Inari did and said, but I didn’t know why… and as I revised this book repeatedly, I attempted to make sense of it all. Read More